Look after your team and they will look after your business.

From corporate offices to construction sites…Inspired Evolution helps you to harness the power of your team at peak performance.

Are you ready to take a Corporate Responsibility Stance?

Meditation, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence are evidence based scientifically proven ways to increase creativity, productivity, both employee and customer satisfaction and business bottom lines. The Inspired Evolution partners with organisations of all sizes to create more effective, collaborative and inclusive workplaces.

The Inspired Evolution uses strategies from the world’s best workplaces such as Google and Mindvalley to create rapid and sustainable changes that can be measured. We work with you to deliver the result you desire using proven business success strategies. These cutting edge techniques effectively and efficiently sharpen attention spans, strengthen coping mechanisms and create positive mental habits. Our clients vouch 100% for our services and so do we!


Organisations look to Inspired Evolution to help employees:

Raise peak performance

We tailor our programs to suit your business needs.


How we work with our clients:

Ongoing on site programs
If you are seriously thinking of raising your business standards to new heights contact us to begin transforming your business culture now.




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About Amrit

Amrit is the founder of the Inspired Evolution, host of the Inspired Evolution Podcast, global mindfulness and meditation educator, coach and Mindvalley Master Certified Trainer. He is an international speaker and has delivered Inspired Evolution and Mindvalley keynotes, seminars and workshops in the United States, Europe and Australia.His knack for presenting concepts with an unrivalled level of enthusiasm and engagement has allowed him to successfully deliver presentations to a wide range of demographics, from corporate environments to construction sites, teenage programs, festivals, retreats and to the general public. Amrit is a certified Mindvalley Master Certified trainer and Meditation instructor.

Amrit’s past experience as a Project Manager and Structural Engineer in the Construction industry gave him first hand experience of the demands of multinational corporations. The looming deadlines and the marginal bottom lines taught him a lot about stress and stress management and it became clear to Amrit that the industry needed help.

“In Australia, one country, in construction, one industry, we unfortunately lose around 380 people per year to suicide. That’s 1 person every 2 days to mental health.
In contrast, we lose 1 person to safety issues every 6 days. This doesn’t mean job sites are more safe than they are mental health issue prone, it simply demonstrates the immense amount of innovation that’s gone into safety and how little is done for real mental health tools on the frontline in this industry.”

Mediation and Mindfulness is an incredible tool that addresses stress for the employee and raises effectiveness, safety and productivity for the employer. As a certified meditation instructor and Mindvalley Master Certified trainer and with his corporate experience Amrit is uniquely positioned in that he is relatable for this corporate environments and equipped to bring something different into a much needed space.

Industries that have benefited from Amrit’s Corporate Mindfulness Programs include Businesses, Construction, IT, Education and Health.

Amrit as a consultant researches each organisation’s unique needs and desired outcomes and incorporates mindfulness, mental awareness and emotional intelligence training seemlessly