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I founded the Mandala Moments movement in Melbourne, Australia. What began as a humble gathering hosting local legends in my home is now a networking event that has inspired others to open their homes to host inspirational, philosophical, environmental, spiritual, conscious gatherings everywhere.

My journey on the Inspired Evolution has been incredible. Little did I know when embarking on this journey that I would interview, learn from and collaborate with several of my role models including Dr. John DeMartini and Eckhart Tolle.

About Amrit

Amrit is an international speaker, host and founder of the Inspired Evolution and certified Mindvalley Master Trainer in Australia. He has delivered Inspired Evolution and Mindvalley keynotes, seminars and workshops in the United States, Europe and Australia.

His knack for presenting concepts with an unrivalled level of enthusiasm and engagement has allowed him to successfully deliver presentations to a wide range of demographics, from corporate environments to construction sites, teenage programs, festivals, retreats and to the general public.

Amrit is also a certified meditation instructor with a genuine passion for helping people evolve.